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Tired of talking about “the Cloud” or  how VOIP actually works?


Don't waste any more of your time trying to learn about how cloud based services work, start using them instead.  Contact XIPTEL today and convert those phone calls into cash you keep in your pocket.

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Cut your telecom expenses by 30%-50% and get more for what you pay.  Save money with Xiptel extensions in all offices.

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No matter the time or day, Xiptel representatives are ready to solve any problem or answer any question at (415) 946-3600, option 4. Documentation available online via Support Center.

Welcome to Xiptel, a VoIP communications and managed services provider dedicated to servicing the entrepreneurial business, education and government markets. From phones to features, Xiptel can design a communications system that is powerful, flexible and affordable for staffs numbering one to one thousand.

Moreover, Xiptel boasts unmatched Always Available Customer Service. No matter the time, no matter the day, Xiptel representatives are ready to answer any communications-related question and solve any problem.  Xiptel has been a trusted communications adviser and supplier since 2004. To be sure, the company has the experience, knowledge and passion to offer guidance at a higher level.

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