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XIPTEL Communications and XIPText are service names for XIPCOM, Inc., a corporation headquartered in Pleasanton, CA.


XIPTEL provides VOIP communications, text messaging, and managed services for the the small and medium business (SMB) market. Hosted services provide not only how a telephone call is made and processed, but includes all aspects of telephone systems, features, functions, and integration with other applications and services. Compared with traditional and legacy systems and services, where a business needs to deal with one vendor to purchase a PBX or other telephone system, another vendor to arrange for telephone numbers and local calling plans, yet another for long distance services, and even another for broadband services, XIPTEL’s hosted VOIP service includes all of it - one vendor for system, features, network, all invoiced on one bill. And XIPTEL’s new XIPText messaging services provide business customers with unique messaging tools to help capture today’s growing mobile market, and to support customer marketing programs, enhanced employee communication, and other service needs. XIPText offers dashboard management for groups, real time message tracking, list management, and much more.


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